Thursday, April 24, 2008

9 More Days!


Alexandrea said...

Oh, I am SO excited for you! Will you be sure to post wedding pictures? I hope that you will keep your blog, or have your family post once you are married so we can see what wonderful things are happening to you! I'm sure that the Lord has WONDERFUL things in store for you!

Alexandrea ;)

Alexandrea said...

Oh, how exciting for you! Will you be sure to post wedding pictures? I hope that you continue blogging when you are married so we can see what wonderful things is doing with your life! I'm sure He has marvelous things for a Godly couple like you! I wish you the VERY best!!

Alexandrea ;)

Lauren said...

Thanks, Alexandrea! I'm hoping that Shannon (my 12-year-old sister) will keep up the blog. We'll see. Tait and I will most likely start a blog of our own, and we'll put a link to it on "The Name Fitz." Again, we'll see!

Thanks for commenting!


Heartathome said...

I'm sure that you are more than ready and am happy that your wait is nearly over.
I, too, hope that you'll share a few photos with us-my own dd chose a very small and fairly informal wedding-I do love to see wedding and baby photos! :-)
I still pray for Katelyn Grace and have been hoping that since it had been so long since your last update (of course I realize you've been just the slightest bit busy!) that maybe Katelyn Grace is doing better.
I pray that your wedding day is beautiful and that all goes smoothly.
May the Lord bless you and Tait as you begin your life together.

brittanyc said...

Lauren, dear! The day is nearly here!!! I am thinking of and praying for you both often. I pray that these next few days would be restful and not too stressful! May the Lord bless you, dear friend!

mortonclan said...

Hurray!!! I'm bursting with excitement over here for you, dear Miss Lauren! I'm praying for you as well, that the Lord will bless the day, and help it to be peaceful and filled with joy.
I've been enjoying y'all's delightful blog ever since I discovered it, and have been so blessed by your sweet spirit and happy heart that comes out through your writing. Mr. Zimmerman sure is getting a precious young lady!
Oh, and your wedding website was wonderful!! I've been greatly anticipating it, and had such a ball looking at your lovely pictures, the wedding party page, and reading your precious story... I love the delightful style in which you wrote it~you made me laugh, cry and bounce with excitement all at once! It was so sweet.
God bless you both!
Rejoicing with you,
Miss Adeline Morton

sydney marie said...

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Zimmerman!!! I thought about you both a lot yesterday and how high in the clouds you both must be! ;-)

Blessings to you both!

Sydney :-) ;-) =)

sydney marie said...

P.S. Would love to see pictures, once you have them! Hint, hint! ;-)

Stephen B said...

What a lazy blogger - imagine the bride not posting pictures immediately! =)

brittanyc said...

Ahhh! Lauren!! (or Shannon ;), we need pictures!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Pictures Please!!!!! :)

Marcie said...

Does anyone have an update on the bride and groom? We are anxiously awaiting any news!

sydney marie said...

Come on! The suspense is killing!! Pretty, pretty please??? Break out of la-la land for just a little bit!

Smiles to you! :-) ;-)

Esther said...

HELLO! Everyone! Sister-in-law of the bride here...seeing as you all are quite eager for some news I thought I'd fill you all in a little. *begins talking like a narrator* The happy couple are busy kissing, hugging and just being very mushy in general. =) Ahem...they're also working on their beautiful, little home. If you're interested in updates of any sort you can see some pictures on my Facebook page and I'm gonna' try and update their other with a few pics soon. But, if any of you happen to have Facebook add me and you can see a few albums with a few pictures from that week. As far as I know Lauren hasn't recieved the photographer's photos...on CD yet. As soon as she does I'm sure she'll be thrilled to post a few. =)

P.S. It was a very beautiful wedding...Lauren was (and still is) stunning!

sydney marie said...

Thank you Esther! Sounds like they're in "La-la" land all right! ;-)


Syd :-) ;-)

P.S. Congrats to you too! :-)

Anonymous said...

thanks so much esther!! I'm looking forward to seeing pictures soon!!