Monday, September 22, 2008

Just the Beginning....

Well, it's not even supposed to get up to 50 degrees here in the 10-day forecast, and there are a few lows in the 30's! It's 45 degrees out now, at 3 in the afternoon. Just about all of the leaves have turned, and the woods and driveway are paved with fallen ones. Somehow, 40 and 50 degrees here doesn't seem quite as cold as it did back home; I think I'm becoming slightly used to this cooler weather! We'll see how I do throughout the winter! : )

I'll update more later! There's half of a honeymoon post written; hopefully I'll have time to finish it this week!



sydney said...

YAY! You're alive! What's happening with you two...any 'news' yet? ;-)

Shalom! :-)

Emily said...

Waiting patiently...

Emily :-)

Anonymous said...

That sounds really chilly to me-especially since that's typical winter weather here in Florida. :-)
I'm glad you're doing well and know you are staying busy-take care!